Why Impa

Why should you choose IMPA

Top 10 reasons to choose Impa Paints

  1. Paints proven to look better and last longer.

    We spend a lot of time testing paints, both ours and our competitors’. Our paints are formulated to offer superior performance, and we have the tests results to prove this statement. If you need superior adhesion, durability and opacity, look no further than our Signature, Platinum and Restore range of ultra premium paints. Signature Range, (15 years guarantee) the best paint we produce, is a low odour paint range that applies easily and provides exceptional stain resistance and washability. Platinum Range, (10 years guarantee) offers low VOC, while providing excellent quality across the range. The Restore Range, (5 years guarantee) offers a economic price and quality for contractors and developers. What does this mean for you? These products offer high-performing, durable finishes that help ensure your project turns out beautifully.

  2. Formulated to excel in any climate
  3. Better ingredients make better paint.
  4. Expert free advice to make sure your job is done right.
  5. Customer service with a difference.
  6. The perfect colour every time.
  7. A first-class job demands first-class supplies – we deliver and walk the extra mile.
  8. A green legacy, a greener future.
  9. Over 38 years of success and experience.
  10. The choice of professionals.

Product development and Innovation

Impa has proudly been a market leader by taking innovative steps to creating new products. This is an ongoing process within our organization aimed at staying in touch with market requirements.

Products & Services

Impa Paints offers a wide product range for the decorative and industrial market, where we supply almost every paint coating imaginable. We take pride in offering a quality product at an affordable price to the consumer. With over 38 years of experience in the paint market Impa Paints should be your first choice. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!