When working with a smaller space, like this lounge,it would be wise to not overdo the red. It can easily take over the room and give the feeling of being smothered. By only painting one wall, you change the look and feel of the entire room. Use a Red with yellow undertones to add an inspiring and uplifting feeling to the space! The great thing about using a bright red like in this room, is that you can keep your decor, accessories and art simplistic and minimal because the accent wall acts as a work of art by it self!


Use different types of Red to create a romantic atmosphere. There are a lot of ways you can use tones of Reds to create the effect you long for! Be careful when using a deep tone of red, you want to make a statement but still allow the room to appear spacious. When you have a large room, such as this vintage living area, you have the options to paint the entire room with reds. Use a Red with a blueish undertone to get this royal feeling!