Grey tones are todays in colour, and can also be used in your babies room. You can tone it up by adding bolder colours or keep it light and calm by using different tones. The best thing about using greys is that it is unisex and can easily be transformed into a gender specific room with the accessories you use. Choose pastel colour to pair with the grey tones to ensure a still calm inviroment. See sugested pastel colours when adding accessories and accents. If you dont want to re paint every odd year, the nersary can also be transformed into a todlers room, when you choose a neautral colour like grey, just by changing the accents.


Pink is a extremely loving and calm colour, and works perfectly for a your little girls room.

Anything pink personifies girls and one can really paint a beautiful room. Add other soft colours like greens and blues to add some personality to the room.