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The Brand

Impa paints originated from its predecessor Eimpa paints, which was established in 1979. A vision to take this established paint company with 38 years of expertise in the paint industry and to convert it to a retail concept was concluded.

The retail concept was shortly established in October 2010 where the first Franchise store was established. The brand has proven itself in the market over the past 7 years with a tally of 5 Franchise stores to date and additional stores forthcoming. The pride and joy of the franchise leg is the fact that every single one of these stores have realised exceptional profits within its first year of operation, most of the stores reaching its break even point in its first month of trade.

The concept is established and all the support strucures are in place. For an investor who is prepared to put in some hard work, present ethical means of trade and stick to the Impa paints structures and procedures your success is a stone throw away.


Impa paints has the idea of supplying paint from the factory directly to the Franchisees who in turn supply directly to the market. The concept is to provide a retail arm where clients can come in and get professional paint advice from competent and trained staff members.

Impa provides a service to the customer like no other paint store, as we specialise and trade solely in the paint market. We ensure that we go out of our way in order to assist the consumer to our best ability while offering the following services and standards free of charge to the consumer:

  • Expertise and excellent paint knowledge
  • On site assistance
  • Colour matching
  • Free quotations
  • Colour advice
  • Colour scanning
  • Colour combination advice
  • Friendly service
  • Free delivery
  • Application assistance to painting teams

Impa Paints is a manufacturer of paints, and is a diverse company supplying paint and sundries to the following industries:

  • Decorative Market
  • Industrial Market
  • Flooring Industry
  • Waterproofing Market
  • Furniture Market


NEW Franchisees undergo both technical and product knowledge training, together with an in depth programme conducted at one of our franchise owned stores to get a practical feel for the market they will be entering. From a head office perspective, we assist with various key factors such as securing a site in your chosen area, negotiations of lease agreements, setting up of the franchise store while you undergo training and provide you with all the intellectual knowledge and systems you will require to run your new paint store. Once setup, you will form part of our ongoing training on product development and paint techniques and you will also have access to our 24 hour technical assistance.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

What Impa Paints is looking for in a new franchisee is the following:

  • Entrepreneur by nature
  • The ability to interact with clients
  • The ability to manage staff
  • Has a good work ethic and is able to work according to the Impa Paints systems
  • Has the capital required to setup and run the new business
  • Business experience or strong management experience