Learn about IMPA's History

IMPA PAINTS is a proudly South African manufacturer of paint located in Bloemfontein, Central South Africa. Making Impa paints well suited for paint distribution throughout South Africa. Retailing from various locations; primarily Gauteng, Free State and the Northern Cape, where you will find a modern and colourful retail concept, offering every paint service imaginable.

We dedicate ourselves to providing professionals and consumers throughout South Africa with a complete line of the highest-quality, best-value paints, painting supplies and equipment, as well as superior service. And we do it with pride.


Firmly rooted in the Free State since 1979, Impa Paints began as a small, family-owned business that, through hard work and commitment to quality, has grown to become one of the country's leading independent manufacturers and distributors of paints and painting supplies.

Mission Statement

Innovation: striving to constantly be a leader in the market with new developments an technology; providing a high-quality product to our clients as well as providing technical advice to assist in making any painting project a success.
Manufacturing capacity: Impa Paints has an excellent manufacturing capacity with sufficient space ready for expansion in the near future to cope with expected growth and demand.
Professionalism: to conduct all business practice in a legitimate and ethical manner.
Affordable: Impa Paints strives to provide clients, big or small, with a high quality product at an affordable price.

Our Vision

The need for a retail concept was established during the re-branding process via the Impa paints Franchise Stores. We, the Impa team have built a brand that has established itself in the market for the past 38 years and hope to continue for a further 38 years via our distribution network and Franchise stores making the brand now more known to the broader South African market as we expand our network.

Impa Paints will be establishing the brand within the high-density retail areas around you, where the need for a quality product and an equally important expert service is required. The Impa team believes through good product knowledge and the correct advice that the Impa Paints brand will prosper and will ensure the property owner of an excellent and durable paint finish.

Impa believes by establishing a retail store solely focused on paint and painting tools, that we have equipped our staff members with all the product knowledge and training needed to give you, the client, the best possible advice and service. We at Impa hope to be coating your property in the near future.