Endurasheen - SU1010

Endurasheen is a velvet, soft feel adhesive promoted pure acrylic and is an outstanding alternative for conventional Eggshell Enamel.

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Product Code: SU1010
Application: Roller & Brush
Appearance: Mid Sheen
Spread Rate: 8 - 10m²/L per coat@ 45µm, DFT
Packaging: 1L, 5L & 20L
Colours: White,Bases: Pastel-Clear
Guarantee: 15 years

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  •  Low VOC and almost odourless and dries quickly; especially suited for sensitive surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and hospitals.
  • Suitable for application to new concrete, plaster or asbestos cement.  No primer required, but recommended to ensure stability.
  •  Also suitable for direct application to previously painted surfaces; enamel surfaces must preferably be sanded down lightly before application.
  •  Can be applied to wood and metal surfaces due to its outstanding blocking future, provided that these surfaces have been prepared properly and painted with a quality primer


  • Easy application through use of brush, roller or spray gun.  As it dries quickly the two coats specified can be applied in one day.
  • This product does not yellow as with traditional High Gloss and Eggshell Enamel.
  • It yields a luxurious coating with a beautiful satin appearance with low dirt pick-up
  •  The product is water-based; cleaning of equipment performed at low cost.
  •  The high pigmentation ensures exceptional covering capacity, which results in saving on labour and material.
  • Has an exceptional adhesion capacity, which facilitates the over coating of old alkyd surfaces such as Eggshell and High Gloss.  It can stick to virtually anything e.g. plastic; glass.
  •   Unique gel formulation - does not drip during brush application and achieves a higher film build than most water based coatings
  • Silver Protect antibacterial and fungal protection
  • 15 year quality guarantee.
  •  LOW VOC

Disclaimer: The technical information contained in this document are given in good faith and are meant to be used as a guideline by the specifier or user. Whilst we are confident about the quality of our products, we cannot accept any liability for the incorrect use or application of our products. Surface preparation forms an integral part of the scope of works and it is expected that the highest standards are maintained during surface preparation and application, to ensure that our products perform as intended. Always ensure to use the same product batch numbers, refrain from doing spot touch-ups and paint surfaces from corner to corner to prevent colour and sheen variance. As technology may change over time we reserve the right to change products to keep up with changes in raw materials or product trends without pre notice. Although we will always privail to keep clients informed about changes to be made, but cannot bind ourself to such notes Please ensure the use of the latest Technical Data Sheet.