Tips - Repair chips or indentations in painted plaster


Question:  So the actual problem I need to sort out is that where some of the stubborn paint was chipped away so was some of the plaster.  I now have a lot of small indentations I would like to repair.  I would like to know what product should I use and what procedure would be the simplest and most effective?

Answer: Removing old flaking paint can be done using various methods. 

  • The first method is by using scrapers and steel brushes.
  • The second method is by using a pressure washer.
  • The third is by using a paint remover.

The method that you used has unfortunately removed all the paint coatings as well as the plaster finish.

Repairing and repainting the walls should be done as follows, for the best finish:

  1. Remove all the loose sand aggregate by bushing down with a stiff bristle or broom.
  2. Apply a coat of Impa WB Bonding Liquid to the damaged areas (i.e.) the indentations to bond any loose sand particles. (Dry 2-4 hours)
  3. Apply a ready mix skimming plaster like, Restore Quickskim, Quickfill or SKIM’ IT, using a plaster towel. (Dry 4-6 hours.)
  4. Sand down to smooth finish.If indentations are very deep, more skimming plaster needs to be applied to level off the surface.
  5. Finally apply two (2) coats of your choice of waterbased topcoat. NB: Waterbased paints can be applied directly to surface.If an oil based paint is used, first apply Impa Hydroprime, followed by Impa Universal Undercoat and two (2) final coats of an oil based enamel.
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