Tips - Ad texture to your life


Modern paints and coatings are suitable for many different surfaces.  Perhaps not so well known, is a surface coating range which provides a textured finish to virtually all masonry surfaces, whether interior or exterior.

In the hands of an experienced painter, such as a Master Painter, these products, which are available in fine, medium or coarse finishes, can perform many different functions.  Practical features of these coatings include:

·       excellent resistance to weathering and atmospheric chemicals;

·       water resistant  with good vapour permeability;

·       good coverage of minor cracks and surface blemishes;

·       equipment can be cleaned in water;

·       paint can be applied with roller or spray (trowel for coarse finish);

·       can be tinted from a range of pastel or customized tones.

Limited preparation is necessary, i.e., surface should be clean and sound, a primer may be necessary but check the instructions given on the Technical Specifications Sheet

So the next time you are considering what type of finish to use, consult an Impa Paint outlet about using texture coatings.  Your property, whether a commercial building or your own home, could well benefit from the aesthetic and protective qualities of these coatings.

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