Tips - How to beat mould


Wet weather can encourage an unwelcome black-green smelly growth which makes its home in kitchens, bathrooms and sometimes whole living areas.

The culprit is mould, a living plant organism present in soil and dust, which is scattered by air currents or insect movements.To be able to prosper on walls and ceilings, the mould or mildew spores need food and moisture which is generally present in dust and dirt on the surface.

Bathrooms and laundries often lack ventilation and have an excess of moisture – the main causes of mould growth.The damage can be costly if mould is left to take grip on painted surfaces, but removal of the growth for repainting is simple.

  • First brush the area with a stiff nylon brush, to get rid of the access mould. Then apply Restore Moss & Mould Remover over the infected surface.
  • Allow the solution to stay on the surface for at least 45 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly with clean water.  In very bad cases, two or more washings with Restore Moss & Mould Remover may be necessary.
  • When it is dry, paint the surface in the usual manner.  You may also like to use an anti – fungicidal paint like, Impa Bath & Kitchen, Medisheen or Gelcoat WB which contain IMPA MOULDTECH™
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