Tips - How to Paint a ceiling

Tip Tip

New surfaces must be primed with Impa Hydroprime and previous painted areas in a good condition can be over painted with the paint of your choice without priming it first.

Always slightly abase these areas to ensure proper grip for the new paint. Should the area previously be painted with a alkyd paint, first apply Impa Site Universal Undercoat and leave to dry for 16 hours before over coating. Paint in a bad condition must be removed completely and then treated as for a new surface.

When using waterbase  the following range is suggested, Impa Renomatt, Reno HH Acrylic, Reno Covermore, Supreme Acrylic, Gelcoat WB or Bath & Kitchen Paint. Paint a narrow strip around the perimeter of the ceiling, then fill in the centre. If the ceiling area is in a bathroom or cloakroom area where water and steam is involved, do not paint with a normal waterbase acrylic paint. These areas must be painted with, Impa Gelcoat WB or SB, Eggshell Enamel or Bath & Kitchen paint.

If using alkyd paint like, Impa Gelcoat SB, Eggshell Enamel, work across the narrow area of the ceiling.  This will eliminate any lap marks that may appear.  Start in a corner and paint a narrow strip of the same width, working from the unpainted area into the still wet area.

Be sure to wash all surfaces before painting, using Restore Sugar Soap and water. Should the area be mould contaminated see Impa Painting Tip, Mould and How to Beat It

Using a paint roller for the body of the ceiling will save time and eliminate the need to stand on ladders for long periods.  Use a brush for hard to reach corners and tricky angles.  Remember to use a quality drop sheet.

When you get to areas near the wall, brush and paint guard will make a smooth finish to the painted surface.

Always follow the product instruction and consider the environment selecting water-based paints which not only have a lower smell but also release much less Volatile Organic Compounds into the air.

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