Techniques - Diagonal design


Diagonal design

The half’sies paint job has been done before, but how about on the door? And in diagonal? Yes, it’s also become ‘a thing’, and it’s easy to see why. The door is like a mini-statement wall, providing a smaller canvas for bold effects like bright paint. Try leaving one half clean and white, or painting both halves in colours that are equally bold, bright, and oh-so-chic.

For a look that leans towards minimal, paint door hardware accordingly so that it disappears into the effect. To add a punch of visual interest, leave hardware unpainted and allow its original look to pop against the colourful background. And unless this is a child’s space, pair with white or muted walls to avoid a look that’s more pre-school than posh.

Paint entire door with lightest colours, or white depending on the look you are going for. Use painters tape to tape off the diagonal line, you can decide the angle and the height. Paint second half, wait till paint is 90% dry, and then pull of the painters tape. You can use different types of paint to achieve this look, but enamel will be a great choice as it is highly washable and the glossy finish will improve the “wow” look you are going for with this statement.

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