Techniques - Chippy - Boat look


Chippy Boat Look

  1. Apply the first layer paint using a brush and let it dry overnight so that it will cure and not be as easy to chip away.
  2. Use a thin coat of thick paint. Paint will thicken very easily by simply poaring some out and exposing it to the air, when you open a new can of paint, there is usually a thick layer on the lid, just scrape it of and use it in your project.
  3. Put the layers on in thin coats as you will be adding several colours and you don’t want to get too much paint on your boards.
  4. The last layer of paint is the magic layer!! I say this because when you apply a new layer of paint it reactivates the layers underneath, so you want each layer to dry completely until you get to the very last layer, let that dry about 90% this is the perfect time to start chipping with the putty knife as it will be easy to expose all the beautiful layers of colours underneath.
  5. Use a spatula, because you want uneven coverage without any brush marks. You don’t want each layer of paint to cover the entire board.
  6. Use a sander, alternating between chipping with the putty knife and sanding. Be cautions not to chip or sand to much, remember we want the old boat look not a distressed look.
  7. Abigails kryt paint will get this job done easily. Any other paint that hase a latex content will not work as easily as it will “rip” when chipping and sanding. Abigails Kryt paint is really soft and pliable until it has cured completely, it is easy to manipulate, it dries quickly and most important it has zero latex.
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